Boston’s Akrobatik has been dropping singles for 10 years now, enough time to earn himself mainstream success without ever losing underground status. Yet, he’s been too busy for the past five years to release a follow-up to his first solo record. He’s collaborated with Mr. Lif as the Perceptionists and released Black Dialogue, the politically charged album that pushed both of them into the national spotlight. It hasn’t been all politics, though–Akrobatik has been rapping the latest in sports news on Boston’s 95.5 FM, too. Finally, he’s found time to release Absolute Value, that long awaited second record, and it features an extensive list of guest spots that speak to the rep Akrobatik has earned. “Put Ya Stamp On It” is the banging lead single, featuring a posthumous beat from J Dilla and guest spot from Talib Kweli.

Akrobatik – Put Ya Stamp On It feat. Talib Kweli