Details on experimental producer Actuel are few and far between, but one thing this track tells us is that he’s a percussion enthusiast. A rather abstract cut, “QRS/TUV” seems to be about exposing the many different musical combinations one can create when armed with laptop and drum kit. The track is off a new Asthmatic Kitty compilation, where label boss Sufjan Stevens, along with AK co-owner Lowell Brams and Micahel Kaufmann, hand-picked two discs’ worth of songs from Stars Like Fleas, Cepia, Alias, Son Lux, i am robot and proud, and others. Oh, and it’s for a good cause too, with proceeds from purchase going towards Habitat for Humanity.

Disc One
01 Tidal River “A Cross Section of Clown Mountain”
02 Aspects of Physics “Utiliterranean”
03 Jim Guthrie “Little Furnace”
04 Kristin Miltner “The Barns Flock”
05 Instruments of Science & Technology “INST.stem.INST”
06 Nick Hennies “The Living Piano”
07 Ero Gray “Staircase and Water Pipes, 42 Broadway”
08 Cepia “Algiers”
09 Ben Owen “5 for 14”
10 Alias “In Hope of Witchless Attics”
11 Alfred Brown “SphericalType GasHolder”
12 Cheryl E. Leonard “Uncle Iroh’s Teahouse”
13 Blevin Blectum “Vast Angles”
14 Son Lux “Speak”

Disco Two
01 Actuel “QRS/TUV”
02 Sole w/ William Ryan Fritch “All Tomorrow’s Sewers”
03 i am robot and proud “Jeanne Mance”
04 900X “BGM”
05 Yuko Nexus6 “Wsagg-Chorus for Spaces”
06 KILN “Marigold Bunker”
07 therefore “Piznanano”
08 Six-Fing Thing “Sandpiper on the Warehouse Floor”
09 Stars Like Fleas “Call Me Trimtab”
10 ting ting jahe “d3p574”
11 Moth!Fight! “A Long Way from Home”
12 Jon Galaxy “Shelter?”
13 Kadet “Horizon”
14 Wayne Feldman “Calling On You”
15 DM Stith “Your god is a Lion recently fed, drowsy”

Acutel – QRS TUV