We took a cursory glimpse into the prismatic world of Texan producer Botany (a.k.a. Spencer Stephenson) a few months ago with his kaleidoscopic track “Anchor.” Now, Stephenson has given us another peak into his upcoming full-length, the curiously titled Lava Diviner (Truestory), before it arrives on October 29 from Western Vinyl. “Quatic” plays in the same waters that “Anchor” rested in, tucking an old-school boom-bap beat inside a psychedelic tapestry of vibrant arpeggios and shimmering sheets of background noise. The tune’s varied textures are said to have come from an array of soundmakers—”aging desktop computers, samplers, guitars, bells, flutes, tape recorders, turntables, violin playing roommates”—and this plethora of source material keeps “Quatic” from tumbling too far down its rabbit hole.