Driving digital funk is the style Stockholm-based Fredrik Mjelle (a.k.a. Beem) is working with on his second release for the Flogsta Danshall imprint, Sings with His Hands. “Race to Digital” is a romantic and emotional romp through glinting, squealing synthesizers and what sounds like a harmonica lifted straight from and ’80s infomercial. The effect is one of longing and re-appropriated kitsch; the charmingly nostalgic lilt of the melodies is enhanced by a grinding, mid-range-heavy bass synth that realigns the jam into a contemporary context. Listeners attuned to the works of France’s Fulgeance and d√Čbruit will no doubt be enamored with Mjelle’s richly realized aesthetic. Beem’s eight-track Sings with His Hands LP is out on June 12, but you can check out its tracklist, along with a teaser video for the album, after the jump.

1. Sings With His Hands
2 .Race To Digital
3. Slowdance
4. Short Stories From Up North
5. Summer ride
6. Aah Ooh
7. In The Ear Tonight
8. The Ice Friend

Race To Digital