Vancouver’s tireless 1080p label—who has already issued something along the line of 15 releases so far this year—will next add to its catalog Digitalisea, an eight-track cassette (or 11 tracks in digital form) from Turin-based artist Yari Malaspina (a.k.a. OOBE). Malaspina had appeared under his OOBE guise (which stands for “Out of Body Experience”) with the SFCTR cassette for Opal Tapes in 2013, and on Digitalisea, the Italian artist seems keen to continue exploring his brand of slow-burning, sci-fi techno. Pulled from his upcoming 1080p release, “Radiation” oozes with noise-laden synth tones, their sweeping chords held up by an efficient series of airy hats and claps, and an unobtrusive kick-drum thump. OOBE’s full Digitalisea cassette is slated to land on November 4.