Last time we checked in with Moscow musician Sergey Galunenko, he was operating as beatboxing aficionado Galun and composing colorful tracks using only his mouth—songs like “Rainbow,” which we posted as a free download. However, for his most recent EP, the producer has taken a different path, utilizing electronic instruments and working with a new moniker, Scale. Russian label Fuselab dropped the new project’s six-track debut, Go on a Boat, Accordion, earlier this month, and has offered up EP cut “Raga” as a free taste. Scale’s offering here rumbles along at a speedy juke/footwork tempo, its rapid-fire vocal samples chattering away as sharp synth stabs creep into the mix. A preview stream of the entire Go on a Boat, Accordion EP and its complete tracklist can be found after the jump.

01 Feel White
02 Ode To Joy
03 Come Over
04 Hot Plow
05 I’ll Take U Away
06 Raga