Two up-and-coming forces in the ever-evolving world of electronic music—FUSELab‘s Jumble imprint (also responsible for this cut) and Essex-based producer Lapalux (who we’ve been excited about since his Pictures Music debut)—combine their respective powers with those of UK newcomer Soosh on this remix from the rookie’s debut, self-titled EP (out now, pictured above). As he is wont to do, Lapalux chops up the entirety of “Rainbow Hiccups” into a gauzy mess of broken hip-hop rhythms, distant synth washes, and half-audible field recordings that sounds like it could fall to pieces at any given moment. That kind of fragility gives this remix an inherently tender vibe despite the powerful boom-slap of its beats, and makes for some truly sublime electronic music.

Rainbow Hiccups (Lapalux Remix)