Hailing from Lisbon, producer Random Gods (a.k.a Timóteo Azevedo) has centered his particular noise around the concept of isolationism and broken technology. Growing up with a wide-range of musical influences since the age of six, the multi-instrumentalist’s sonic seclusion and worldview have resulted in a thoroughly mystic and limitless sound. Having just released his debut EP Genezon.avi via the Swiss label Danse Noire, the release is described as “an exercise of imagining a post-apocalyptic future without the internet, where information is being gathered, and regathered, through fragmented data.”

Azevedo has offered up a cut from his debut EP titled “Malsano” as today’s XLR8R download. Fixating on an abstract, primal and ritualistic aura, the track contains a coarse, droning bass and hollow drums which navigate the rippling synth and soundscapes that besiege the tune with a contained and abated chaos.

You can download “Malsano” below via WeTransfer.