Montreal’s Miracle Fortress (pictured above) makes perfectly pleasant pop music, with songs that combine the seaside breeziness of the Beach Boys with the radio-friendly synth-pop stylings of Bronski Beat and other like-minded ’80s groups. We’re not complaining about any of those things, but it all adds up to a formula that isn’t exactly what XLR8R tends to cover. Enter German producer Pantha du Prince, who has applied his trademark melodic techno approach to “Raw Spectacle,” giving the track just enough dancefloor oomph to land in our downloads section. The remix keeps the song’s woozy vocals largely intact, but Pantha du Prince dials down the synths and inserts a steady techno pulse, creating a sort of Balearic pop tune that is undeniably pleasing to the ear. The original “Raw Spectacle” first appeared on the Was I The Wave? full-length, which came out a couple of months back, and those looking for even more Miracle Fortress music will be happy to know that he’s made two non-album cuts available for free download, which you can grab after the jump.

Raw Spectacle (Pantha du Prince remix)