At this point, it seems like just about everyone has seen Drive, the hyper-stylized Ryan Gosling flick highlighted by cool driving scenes, gratuitous violence, and a decidedly ’80s-influenced soundtrack. The most memorable tune from the movie is undoubtedly “A Real Hero,” by French outfit College, with some help from Canadian duo Electric Youth. So how does Brooklyn producer Michna factor in? Apparently, he wanted to make a remix of the track for the club, but without access to the stems, elected to instead just make his own version of the song, minus the (somewhat cheesy) vocals and with a little extra punch on the drums. Even better, he’s elected to share the thing with the world as a free download. Put this one on and watch everyone freak out. “Oh my God! It’s that song from Drive! Ryan Gosling is soooo hot.” Thanks Michna.

Real Hero