Amsterdam’s Rwina crew recently rolled out its first release of 2012, Eprom‘s venomous “Regis Chillbin” single, which comes backed with a high-octane Machinedrum remix. The Portland-based beatmaker also has a full-length on the way later this summer, Metahuman, also dropping via Rwina. Ahead of that, here we have “Realization,” a neon-spiked, non-release track that demonstrates Eprom’s production prowess. The song oscillates like a slow-building third-eye experience, streaming vibrant arpeggios and detuned synth textures in a whirlwind of melody that revolves around a steady, juke-stepping beat. The tune constructs its rhythms and progressions with fluidity; it’s only when aspects are dropped out at various breakdowns that we become aware of their individual impact, all prior to being lifted rambunctiously into the next phase of the song. Apart from his releases, Eprom will also be keeping busy on the road in the months ahead; his upcoming US tour schedule has been posted after the jump.