Hailing from Brooklyn, budding beatsmith Jacob 2-2 is a producer concerned with the more psychedelic points at which instrumental hip-hop and electronic production cross. Pulled from his forthcoming Herbivore LP for Canada’s King Deluxe imprint, “Red Heather, Yellow Heather” is a particularly stoney cut, in which Jacob 2-2 unravels a seemingly never-ending supply of floaty chords and washy synths over a bit of relaxed percussion and an appropriately sluggish bassline. While much of the current crop of hip-hop/electronic hybrids seem to favor big beats and dancefloor-ready bass weight, Jacob 2-2’s approach is refreshingly less formulaic, leaving plenty of room for listeners to effortlessly become absorbed in its easy-flowing textures and hand-assembled movements.

Red Heather, Yellow Heather

Red Heather Yellow Heather