We’ve mentioned the icy synth escapades of WOLS before, and although the former duo has now been whittled down to a solo act, there’s still a new EP forthcoming via FUSELab, and the Moscow-based producer has offered up “Red Ways,” one of the record’s finer selections. A dancefloor jam utilizing a brisk, half-step pace and fraught with starry, drama-filled piano lines, the song serves as a suitable showcase for the type of precise, iron-plated electronica WOLS has made its calling card. Although the track is undeniably modern, one gets the feeling that “Red Ways” could only have been made by an artist with a deep understanding of Soviet culture and Russia’s unique history. The seven-track Outgunned EP (artwork above) will be available in a few weeks time on FUSELab, but check the cover art above and have a listen to a full stream of the entire release now, after the jump.

Red Ways