London producer Rain Dog (a.k.a. Samuel Evans) has spent the last few years carving a path of intimate and forward-thinking electronic music, eventually joining the Project: Mooncircle label’s growing roster. Ahead of his forthcoming Two Words LP, Evans has shared the beat-driven “Regolith,” an ambient-informed production which boasts a jangling piano amongst off-kilter claps and scattered vocal samples. The track is inclement and emotional, and finds its climax with a flurry of piano timbres and a vacantly drifting pad. Rain Dog’s Two Words album will be released on January 14, but until then, its tracklist and artwork can be found after the jump.

01. Felicity (feat. Bigson)
02. Cloven
03. Broken
04. Like a Lame Man Stepping
05. Regolith
06. Nerves Like New Thread
07. Nexus (feat. Robot Koch)
08. Once (feat. Tomika)
09. Fool’s Game
10. Watch Over (feat. Sam Rogers)
11. The World Is My Shotgun
12. Whistle And I’ll Come To You