Earlier this month, Moscow producer Rekord 61 released the Sverh EP via his own Konstruktiv label, a record which included three Rekord 61 original tracks from the artist alongside not one, not two, but three remixes courtesy of longstanding techno craftsman Radio Slave. Here we have the third version of the German producer’s take on “Sverh,” which strips the driving techno affair down to an even more efficient form, draping the tune’s pulsing kicks in a distant bed of noise while enhancing its bounce with new bits of razor-sharp percussion, resulting in a rework that is as unapologetically focused on the dancefloor as most everything Radio Slave has crafted in his accomplished career as a producer. The man’s so-called “F.Y.M Remix 3” take on Rekord 61’s tune can be downloaded below, where a preview stream of the full Sverh EP has also been included.

Sverh (Radio Slave F.Y.M Remix 3)