Early next week, mysterious new label and project Relative Positivity will launch with a self-titled double LP.

The idea for the project originated from collaborations that the artist had with musicians from different spectrums of the musical universe, opening up a deeper understanding of each other’s artform. The Relative Positivity project will consist of solo works as well as collaborations with people that have had a positive impact on the life of the artist.

Due to the collaborative nature of the project, the tracks on the LP are wide-reaching pieces that range from housey grooves to trippy ambient, breaks, 2-step, and techno; although, it’s a cohesive whole held together by its dancefloor sensibilities.

In support of the LP, Relative Positivity has offered up a download of the beat-driven “Wings And Flames,” available via WeTransfer below.

You can pre-order the album here.

Wings And Flames