Written over the course of a year-long trip to the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui, the third long-player from Toronto-based Milosh carries a deep sense of isolation that the classically trained musician was experiencing during his time away from all things familiar. As with his previous two albums, iii is a very personal, intimate affair. His very own style of romantic downtempo and distinct falsetto voice often ride the fine line between joy and deep sadness, with the intention of being interpreted whichever way the listener chooses. The album won’t hit stores until September 23, but starting today, it’s available through iTunes, along with one exclusive, digital-only bonus track titled “Low Tide.”

01 Awful Game
02 Another Day
03 Gentle Samui
04 Remember The Good Things
05 Warm Waters
06 Hold My Breath
07 Wrapped Round My Ways
08 Leaving Samui ?
09 The World

Remember The Good Things