Rennie Foster‘s third LP, Game of 100 Ghosts, is set to arrive on his own RF label on September 15.

Game of 100 Ghosts—named after an old Japanese parlor game of telling ghost stories—is the first artist album to be released on RF and the first full-length offering from Foster since Blood Sugar, which was released in 2010 on Italian label Rebirth. The album was also as a result of a GoFundMe campaign, which received crowdfunding from long-time supporters and fans and music industry veterans and artists alike.

The tracks on the album have already been picking up heavy support from influential DJs and tastemakers such as Derrick May and DJ Sneak. The 12 tracks on the album, although touching on house, jazz, hip-hop, and techno, were not made to fit any pre-conceived genres or styles, as Foster explains:

“…the tracks are not intended to fit into a popular dance-floor genre, but rather to de-occult the sub-cultural connections that run deeply through all spirits of the underground.”

Ahead of the release on September 15, you can download the deep, jazz-tinged opening cut, “Childish Things,” via WeTransfer below.

Childish Things (Original Mix)