From his forthcoming full-length album for Philly’s low-end-obsessed Seclusiasis label, San Francisco tunesmith DNAE Beats gives us “Reptilian MIDI Jazz.” The wobbly future-funk production is found smack dab in the middle of the 13-track Secrets Worth Dying For record, and exhibits an atypically heartfelt and melodic atmosphere from a producer so often transfixed with all things distorted and blap-friendly. While a sample of a man spewing randomness about “reptilian shape shifters” soaks in a pool of spacey effects, DNAE exorcises his inner Dâm-Funk on the buttery synths and squishy basslines, but remains true to himself with his head-knocking beat work and disjointed pace. “Reptilian MIDI Jazz” ends with the man at the controls sending his sample into atonal oblivion, a good sign that the tunes to follow will likely be of the banger variety—basically, business as usual for DNAE Beats. You can find out for sure what comes next when Secrets Worth Dying For drops on November 29.

Reptilian MIDI Jazz