Curdling synthesizers suffocated by unstable, bruising kick drums: a sign of ’90s-era techno set to a sunrise. Sure, we get it, but when guitars and samples sneak into this remix by Japanese producer aus (pictured above), we’re left without such tidy little boxes to place the music in. “Requiem for Genome (aus Remix)” is a transformation from Geskia‘s original track into a throbbing, organic dance number that refuses to sit still—spewing shards of folk, house, and industrial techno into the surrounding environs in a fleet-footed, cacophonous bout of organized chaos. Twitchy and restless yet thoroughly engrossing, the track is part of a disc of remixes that will accompany the special-edition version of Geskia’s new album, 323 Sayonara Memories, on April 27, when it drops via Home Normal.

Requiem for Genome (aus remix)