Restive Plaggona’s latest LP Silently Hopelessly landed on the Thrènes label last year, available on vinyl and digital. The conception of the LP came into being from a resurgence of previous projects and unfinished tracks over time, and it consists of 10 original tracks and one remix from Ancestral Voices. At its core, each track has a soul-stirring significance, and is embalmed by titles of a political dimension.

In support of the release, you can download “Lovely Vale of Tears,” a dark and gloomy techno cut, via the WeTransfer button below.


01. Intimacy Is Violence
02. Rote Zora
03. Hunted By Those Nights
04. Take It Or Leave
05. Cut Off From Modern Society
06. Lovely Vale Of Tears
07. Always Guilty
08. Sudden Burst Of Safety
09. And We Were In Bed Together
10. Alone To Faith And To Death
11. Alone To Faith And To Death (Ancestral Voices Remix)