The folks at Scion A/V have teamed up with Rhonda International, the label arm of LA’s “polysexual” disco/house night A Club Called Rhonda, to release a new EP (artwork above) for “Return to Me,” a new track produced by Marc Kinchen, who’s perhaps better known simply as the highly influential ’90s dance hit machine MK. Amongst the five remixes of the B.C. x Delivery tune that grace the EP is this classic house-inspired take from GODDOLLARS, which just might be the most faithful to MK’s classic sound. Piano reigns king as a handful of chopped chords bounce atop skittering hi-hats and a thumping kick drum, but aside from the eventual mid-section synth breakdown, B.C. x Delivery’s vocal is the song’s co-star, taking center stage without much accompaniment and longingly belting out a lonely plea in ’90s freestyle fashion. This remix, along with the original and remixes from Munk, Art of Tones, and SFVacid, can be found on the forthcoming Return to Me EP.

Return To Me (GODDOLLARS Remix)