Like us, you’re probably still reeling from the impact of M83‘s massive 2011 double-LP, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Its unadulterated synth-pop impressed us so much that we named it our third favorite album of the year, but, sadly, we can’t say nearly as much for the ludicrous remixes and horrendous cover songs that have since followed. As such, you could say we were tickled pink to finally hear an M83 remix we could get behind, this sparkling rework of Antony Gonzalez’s ecstatic “Reunion” by UK producer Tropics (pictured above). The talented Chris Ward strips back the jangly guitars and infectious bombast of the original, and trades the sounds for smooth bass grooves and dreamy synthscapes on his production. This version of “Reunion” may be an unofficial remix, but we’d wager that Gonzalez would be quite pleased with what Tropics has done with his tune.

Reunion (Tropics Remix)