The newly minted Lightworks imprint is set to release its first single in the form of two tracks from London-based producer/DJ Ossie and have sent this extra, non-single track along to help spread the word. “Reverse Mind Control” (most likely named after the track’s reverse vocal snippets) finds Ossie crafting the brand of bubbling future-house he’s been steadily catching the ears of UK’s current taste makers with. Funky chords lead the track as they bounce around the stereo field, firing at regular intervals in coordination with the tune’s skittering, housey beat. A few breakdowns here, a filter sweep or two there, Ossie gently moves us through this pulsing cut while adding layer after layer of precise percussion to keep the momentum building. Ossie’s forthcoming “Tranatula” b/w “Creepy Crawlies” single (which also features a remix from fellow Londoner Funkineven) is set to be released on March 14 with a follow-up single from the hotly tipped producer being readied for release later this year on the renowned Hyperdub label.