Toulouse-based producer and graphic designer VECT (a.k.a. Émile Sacré) has offered one of the standout cuts from his recently self-released Altitudes LP. Backed by a loose drum beat and a sea of subtle white noise, “Rhodes Trip” is a short-but-sweet number that manifests the message “Groove to the music and do what you like.” VECT’s hook is a simple-yet-effective mantra that aptly sums up the vibe of the record, which fuses the sounds of nuanced hip-hop and dance music with ’60s soul-inspired melodies across its tracklist. Specifically with “Rhodes Trip,” Sacré combines Dilla-inspired rhythms with warm, crackling synths, authentic Rhodes tones, and the aforementioned vocals hooks to carve out his unique sound. There’s also an excellently animated video for this track, which you can watch after the jump.

Rhodes Trip

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