Becoming Real’s ZONE Collective imprint is proud to present the first in it Split series with the ZONE cassette.

ZONE Collective is a music and arts collective based in Berlin, Copenhagen, and Glasgow.It specializes in experimental futurist punk and noir acid pop.

Up first are RIDLER—Becoming Real’s new project which focused on non-trad proto-acid punk. LAF Tebano is one half of the artist duo Mette Hammer Juhl and Lorenzo Tebano who live and work in Copenhagen. As a musician and performer, LAF Tebano is creating agro electronic, futurist punk. LAF Tebano’s music is dotted with hooks and dry vocals that bind together the spluttering blasts of haunted distortion heavy samples.


01. RIDLER “Burgerhein”
02. RIDLER “Crak Whip”
03. RIDLER “Robbery Feels”
04. LAF Tebano “Amythist”
05. LAF Tebano “Dying In Your Arms6”
06. LAF Tebano “Grand Dads House”

The ZONE cassette will land on October 13, with RIDLER’s “Burgerhein” available to download via the WeTransfer button below.