Though XLR8R wasn’t exactly thrilled with every tune offered on Jason Burns‘ and Brent Still Life‘s collaborative EP for Symbols, Right Here‘s title track nonetheless resonated with us. But truth be told, the pair’s production isn’t anything glaringly original; from the satisfying crunch of the crisp claps, to the stuttered bounce of the chest-thumping kicks, to the warped emotions emanating from each vocal sample, to the myriad of fizzing and punch-drunk synths, “Right Here” is first and foremost a crowd pleaser. The vibe draws heavily on the ever-popular sounds of ’90s garage, but is retrofitted with bits of contemporary rap and R&B instrumentals, all of which is presented with an impeccably club-ready sheen. It’s the kind of tune you don’t have to think twice about when it drops, because you could almost swear you’ve heard it before—even if you haven’t, it’s far too welcoming to resist. And there’s nothing wrong with a tune that’ll move a dancefloor before anyone has the chance to trainspot it.

Right Here