Emerging from Vienna, Austrian duo Mieux recently dropped its Neufant EP, a record full of cantankerous beats, melodic dirges, and otherworldly vocals. Now, the pair has followed that release with an EP of remixes, the first taste of which is a version of “Risiko” crafted by London’s Kelpe, whose video for “Astrolomy” we recently premiered. Built on skittering cymbals and snapping snares, Kelpe’s production rolls in at a modest 80 bpm, as frolicing bells and chimes circle around vocal samples, prickly pads, and video game sounds. “Risiko (Kelpe Remix)” seems to eject its parts at random throughout its runtime, and each disparate element is gradually left gasping for air while drilling synths reduce the mix to dust until it all blows away.

Risiko (Kelpe Remix)