Swedish-Iranian producer Aril Brikha has been hard at work crafting his own niche into the austere world of techno music since the spritely age of 16, and now, nearly 19 years later, the multi-faceted artist has not only made his mark in the US, Europe, and beyond, but he’s also started his own label, Art of Vengeance. Just released on Brikha’s imprint is a re-issue of his first LP from back in 2000, Deeparture In Time, a 10-track album that now comes with an extra disc of previously unreleased music that the musician crafted between 1995 and 1999. “Rising Sun” is a fine example of those warm, classic sounds; its deep techno vibes reference the Detroit-born sounds that first inspired Brikha to make music, while simultaneously standing as an unheard precursor to the kinds of club music we love to get down to today.

Rising Sun