In today’s digital music realm, one would not be wrong to, at times, wonder if there are in fact just too many remixes floating out there in the world. Then something like this rework from Leeds outfit Vessels comes along, helping make the case for the continued legitimacy of a well-crafted remix. Here taking on Rival Consoles‘ “Recovery”—a cut from the London artist’s 2014 Sonne EP for Erased Tapes—the Vessels crew manages to reshape the somewhat hyperactive original into an enveloping piece of textured electronics, one touched with just a few subtle (but effective) nods to the dancefloor. Furthermore, the remix lands at a somewhat convenient time for Vessels, who is currently in the midst of prepping a new long-player for a March release. In the meantime, the group’s skillful reworking of Rival Consoles’ “Recovery” composition can be downloaded below.

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