Philadelphia’s foremost purveyor of all things future bass, Starkey, has a new EP coming next week featuring five new tracks and a handful of remixes from the likes of Egyptrixx, Arp 101, Ital Tek, and other bass-minded producers. Egyptrixx’s remix of the EP’s opening track, “Robot Hands,” strips down the layered production of the original and instead focuses on an intensely repetitive 2-step groove that builds upon itself with siren-esque synths and intricate percussion. After a few minutes of methodical building, the elements culminate into a massive track with a heavy kick drum and a low, growling bass that take the remix to its full, future-sci-fi potential, especially if your system can handle a healthy dose of low end. The Space Traitor Vol. 1 EP is set to be released December 6, check the full tracklist after the jump.

1 – Robot Hands
2 – Playing With Fire
3 – Holodeck
4 – Paradise ft. Anneka
5 – Lenses
6 – Robot Hands (Egyptrixx Remix)
7 – Robot Hands (Kaiser Remix)
8 – Paradise (Rudi Zygadlo Remix)
9 – Pradise (ARP101 Remix)
10 – Paradise (+Verb Remix)
11 – Playing With Fire (Ital Tek Remix)
12 – Starkbot Beats: Space Traitor Vol 1 (narration by Halfcast)

Robot Hands (Eygptrixx Remix)