Hailing from Argentina, acid artisan and Diffuse Reality Records figure Rodrigo Garcia has quickly ingrained himself in the Spanish techno scene in the last five years. With rhythmic sets at Sala Instinto in Barcelona, as well as memorable sets at Stuttgart and Tresor in Berlin, Garcia has quickly risen through the ranks of producer and DJ into a special, yet still very understated, niche of progressive and hard-pounding techno. When it comes to remix parings on DRR, the label has done a fantastic job of recognizing a production relationship between Garcia and Berlin’s own dub techno artist Myk Derill. While crafting more than a handful of tracks in his ten years of generating tunes for labels such as Engrave Ltd and Gynoid Audio, Myk has also cemented himself as a respectable DJ who continues to throw down heavy sets at barely a moments notice. Now these two architects have brought XLR8R an exclusive download of the track “Data,” originally produced by Garcia and given the dub rework by Derill. The track begins with a drowning drum pattern, before a bassline slowly begins to swim out of the murky depths of its original cadence and into a poltergeist vocal and acid-bath jacuzzi. During the final moments of the track, Myk pulls the plug out of the drain and lets the composition fall as the vocal floats to the top, wrapped in a warm reverberation. The track is available right now as a free download by clicking on the link below.

Data (Myk Derill Remix)