French producer and live act Olivier Mateu (a.k.a. Rodriguez Jr.) released “Persistence Of Vision” on Mobilee Records almost a year ago. The typically melodic and soulful track become a key part of his live set and was the perfect accompaniment to last summer. Now a year on, we’ve been gifted a dub mix of “Persistence Of Vision,” a deep and throbbing cut which was produced to give Mateu a darker option in his live sets. “This remix of ‘Persistence Of Vision’ has been created especially for my live performances.” Mateu says, “My aim was to translate the original track, which is kind of housey and melodic, into something for darker rooms. It’s been a great tool so far, as all of my sets really take off when I drop this bassline.” You can check out a video of one of Mateu’s live sets below, recorded at the recent Desert Hearts festival, along with a free download of the dub mix of “Persistence Of Vision”.

Persistence Of Vision (Retinaculum Dub Mix)