The latest release on La Belle Records will arrive from Lithuanian-based audio-visual duo Roe Deers and Ombra Intl. label head Curses.

Both the Curses and Roe Deers projects have been at the forefront of a scene that focuses on a thrilling fusion of rock and roll, post-punk, wave, italo, and electronic dance music. The new release, titled Fade Away, is, according to Curses, “an anthem against prejudice, as it’s time we all fade into one and get lost together in the party.” The music on the release is no frills machine music, raw cuts of punk intensity.

In support of the release—which dropped on October 6 and can be grabbed here—Roe Deers and Curses have offered up a bonus dub edit of lead cut, “Fade Away,” available via WeTransfer below.

Fade Away Dub