Here at XLR8R, witch house is currently holding a unique position as both one of our favorite new genres and one of our most frequent targets of ridicule. Internal turmoil aside, it’s hard to deny that this remix of San Francisco duo Water Borders (pictured above) is a quality listen. While the original version is one of the band’s usual dark and droney sonic explorations, albeit one featuring the vocal contributions of Glasser, this remix by SF producer Bookworms turns up the drums and stretches out the song’s spooky vibes over the course of nearly 13 minutes. Much like his excellent remix of Mi Ami, this remix has a stripped-down, almost Detroit sound punctuated by plenty of tribal drums. It was actually commissioned for Water Borders’ new 12″, which came out last week and features the original “Rome,” a-side “Akko,” and a couple of remixes, but Bookworms didn’t quite finish on time, so his work is instead finding a home on

Rome feat. Glasser (Bookworms Remix)