Trans-media artist, composer, and vocalist Rosa Anschütz will release a new four-song post-techno/post-punk/noise EP on Quiet Love on May 25. 

Rigid is described as a personal EP, and a patchwork made of daily notes, dreams, nightmares, and loose ruminations on life, stitched together with analog synths and thick, cavernous reverbs. 

The material was written in 2018 between Berlin and Vienna. It began with a series of instrumental sketches and “lyrics as a series of daily snapshots”that Rosa Anschütz brought to the Hiti Papa studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin, where she worked with producer Jan Wagner. During the sessions, these rudimentary drafts were transformed into elaborate, orchestral, synth-driven, highly dramatic arrangements. We’re told that the production is warm, fleshy, with carefully sculpted spaces; while the vocals oscillate between spoken word, singing, and “voice as strings.” 

The Zurich label’s last release came from Diskret, the ambient electronic duo of Ramon Ziegler and James Varghese. 

Ahead of the EP’s May 25 release, you can download “Diopter” in full via the button below, or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.