Roscius combines live performance, vocal loops, and production intricacies to make engrossing sounds that are as innovative as they are emotional. After impressing us with his first release, WMD#1Roscius is back to deliver his second EP on MUTAWMD#2 is the name of Roscius’s new four-track EP that will be out on September 4. The second cut from the EP is “Petrol,” a housey composition that began as a collection of field recordings Roscius captured during a stop at the famous Tebay Petrol station in the Lake District. The resulting track is eerie, sombre, hollowed out, and absorbing as it bumps along on an insular kick drum layered with melancholic piano.

You can pick-up WMD#2 over on Beatport on September 4 by clicking here, and you can download “Petrol” for free below.