One of the exclusive free tunes featured on the Autumn Feelings sampler from London’s Merok label, the remix of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” hit by Brooklyn’s Blondes proves the two entities to be quite the match. The house-referencing synth hook from the original single sounds like it could’ve been written by the Blondes boys themselves, so when they based their jackin’ remix around that melody, the results sound nothing short of predestined. And we’re not too worried about Rhianna’s vocal work not making the cut because they’ve brought in a bigger diva on the mic, Mariah Carey. Her sampled contribution, along with the cosmic synth arpeggiations and booming house beats crafted by the remixers, helps elevate the “Rude Boy” remix into levels of ecstasy rarely explored by pop or dance music of our current era. We’re grateful for Blondes, Rihanna, and Miss Carey for crossing paths on this one, and working together to take us there. You can download the rest of Merok’s label sampler here.

05 Rude Boy (Blondes Remix feat. Mariah Carey)