Brooklyn label Dutty Artz is putting the final touches on its latest project, a 12-track compilation called Geko Jones and Atropolis Present: Palenque Records Remixed which simultaneously celebrates the roots of Afro-Colombian music while giving those sounds new life on contemporary dancefloors. For their project, Geko Jones and Atropolis teamed up with artists on Colombian label Palenque to create and send recordings of Palenquero music—which has a rich, 400-year history—to be remixed by handpicked producers associated with Dutty Artz. Geko Jones’ remix of “Sambingo” sees the Brooklyn-based producer pairing traditional Palenquero call-and-response vocals and drumwork with booming kicks and an array of synths that gives a satisfyingly modern twist to the folksy music. Before Dutty Artz drops the compilation on June 25, a teaser video for the upcoming release can be found after the jump.

Sambingo (Geko Jones Remix)