The elusive, up-and-coming producer known only as U is set to release his debut record (artwork above) via DJ/producer George FitzGerald‘s label, ManMakeMusic. Although this this track won’t be featured on that four-track EP, it serves as an equally fitting introduction to U and his music, which rests somewhere between the sounds of vintage b-movie horror and breakbeat-heavy rave music. “Sand Reckoner” is a fusion of similar sounds, which kicks off with eerie white noise and a half-time kick-and-hi-hat combo that caves into a breakbeat as a hypnotically arpeggiated synth is introduced into the mix. The ghostly melody is what gives “Sand Reckoner” its “horror movie” quality, as it sounds like a riff you might hear coming from a Dracula pinball machine circa 1986. Look for the rest of U’s 12″ when it drops on October 15.

Sand Reckoner