Detroit’s underground MC eLZhi’s latest release, The Preface, is a hip-hop album chock-full of other big names from his neck of the woods–J Dilla, Dwele, Waajeed (Platinum Pied Pipers), and, not least of all, T3 (Slum Village), who lends himself to the album’s first single, “Save Ya.” Over a rolling, low-key downbeat that feels perfect for a long, hot summer day in the city, this single contrasts an unwinding vocal hook, distorted to sound distant and unnaturally high-pitched, against a soulful female chorus. Meanwhile, eLZhi coolly delivers condemnatory lines like, “Infatuated with material things/You only see your feet in those shoes/Your ears in those rings /But, uh, you can come around on your best behavio /But sorry Love, I can’t save ya.” Gold diggers, beware.

eLZhi – Save Ya feat. T3 of Slum VIllage