With the overabundance of R&B reworks already in existence, we wouldn’t normally support yet another dancefloor version of an old-school pop tune, but for some reason, we just couldn’t resist this new cut from Chilean DJ/producer Daniel Klauser. Instead of simply weaving new drum patterns into the song, Klauser actually creates new vocal hooks with the source material and leaves nearly no trace of the original (which, despite the confusing title, is actually Brandy’s “Never Say Never”) behind. Heavily pronounced vocal samples sink into the deepness of the synth melodies as the random ticks and kicks of the rhythm outline the groove. Daniel Klauser’s production arrives as part of his latest release, the free Beautiful EP, which also includes a remix by Imaabs. You can stream and download the whole thing after the jump.

Beautiful [SSLB010] by Daniel Klauser

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