Guerilla label Unknown to the Unknown has continued to gradually rise over the course of its two-year existence, likely thanks in part to label head DJ Haus’ spot-on taste and curation. The burgeoning imprint launched a Todd Edwards-inspired series of club tracks today, spearheaded by label faithful DJ Q under his new alias Classified. He kicks off the series with a new EP centered around the frenetic title track “Say to You.” But at the end of the EP, DJ Q takes the opportunity to flip his Classified’s “Say to You” under his usual guise, turning the already busy production into a tribal, claustrophobic banger that is not to be taken lightly. The relentless production practically forces the listener to be committed to the nonstop sub frequencies and layers of vocal juggling—effectively putting “Say To You (DJ Q Remix)” into a space that sits somewhere between the Todd Edwards roots that inspired the series and the bassline stalwart’s signature stamp of hyperactive energy.

06. Classified – Say To You (DJ Q Remix)

Say To You (DJ Q Remix)