James Singleton is seemingly fearless when it comes approaching all styles of music. Under his James Pants guise, he has dabbled in everything from new-age disco to ’80s electro, ditched the drum set and made ambient, beat-less tracks, and remixed artists like Too $hort. Groovy soul from the 1960s was bound to follow, and here, Singleton gets ahold of a track by Howard Johnson and throws in his own electro-flavored twist. Johnson is probably best known for his work on the tuba and other instruments, as well as his collaborations with the likes of Charles Mingus, Hank Crawford, and Archie Shep. Singleton’s remix turns this song into an anthem that would fit just as well in 1960s New York as Los Angeles in 2008. Photo by Darcy Caputo.

01 Say You Wanna (Pants Re-Edit) 1