Daniele Antezza’s (a.k.a. Inner8) Holotone label will soon launch the Holotone Limites Series, “invented for the purpose to create a place for more abstract and deconstructed sounds, free from preconceived notions and format boundaries, changing from release to release with varying forms of content.”

The first release of the series is coming from Scald Process, a collaborative project among Stormfield (Combat Recordings label manager and half of the band Fausten) and various live instrumentalists and vocalists: Liam Noonan (violin), Luxul (viola / vocals), Eden Grey (piano), Mar Del Corral (vocals), Marco Donnarumma (Xth Sense).

The release also features remixes by Death Qualia, Metalogue, Nonima, and Errorbeauty.

Ahead of the EP’s September 18 release, “Ritual” feat. Mar Del Corral, Liam Noonan, and Eden Grey is exclusively available for download via the WeTransfer button below.

Ritual (feat. Mar Del Corral, Liam Noonan, Eden Grey)