Dug out from the nearly lost files of an “old, forgotten computer” are the nine tracks which make up the forthcoming mini-album from Applescal, From A to Sea. One of the tunes crafted by the Dutch producer between 2008 and 2012, “Screams” is a particularly lush and sprawling cut which would have felt right at home on Dreaming in Key, Applescal’s most recent full-length effort released via his own Atomnation imprint earlier this year. The production presents its grainy textures, smoldering melodies, and other rich sonic layers atop an IDM-indebted shuffle, landing the track somewhere along the lines of a more stoney Clark or a subterranean M83 (during his instrumental days, of course). “Screams” and eight other recently recovered tracks from Applescal’s archives can be found on From A to Sea when it drops on December 9.