It wasn’t long ago that we shared the bright, garage-inspired Ousheremix of “Things Don’t Change,” a track from London producer Mella Dee‘s EP of the same name. In the interim, the UK tunesmith has returned to his partnership with Woozee, called Mista Men, and the two artists have kindly shared “Screw Ball,” a track taken from their recently released Hot Haus EP. Unlike Mella Dee’s more garage-inspired workouts, “Screw Ball” finds the pair working with more traditional house tropes, weaving a high-energy chord progression around a thumping beat that anchors the track’s clean sonics. Mista Men work in a few nuanced details, too, like the sporadic appearance of a crisp vibraslap that adds an unusual flavor to “Screw Ball”‘s dancefloor-centric sonic palette. The entirety of the pair’s Hot Haus EP can be streamed below.

Screw Ball