Parisian hails from St. Louis, and “Sean” shares the same space as Brooklyn-via-St. Louis producer Phaseone on an upcoming split-7″ for Lefse. We’ve already spoken about Phaseone’s instantly beautiful contribution to the a-side, “It’s Not Forever,” but there’s good reason to mention “Sean” as well. It’s subtle and teasing, propelled by a screwed two-step beat and the tasteful layering of feedback with choral blankets. The clencher is the skittering synth that busts out of the mix after the three-minute mark, anchoring the track to the ground while raising up the layers underneath. Taken back to back, Parian’s and Phaseone’s tracks comment on their native town while weaving together some solid beat work. You can nab their collaborative 7″ when it drops on January 29.