The Brighton born and bred label collective, SmallPrint Recordings, have dropped their new compilation Vol. 3.

SmallPrint Recordings was conceived in 2014 when all three members were studying music production in their final year at university. Speaking on the inception of the passion project, the trio remarked, “Growing up in Brighton with the majority of our friends being into music, allowed us to collaborate together and bounce ideas off of each other. This also gave us an insight into quite a few different styles”. It was this branching out into other genres that gave the group the springboard for launching SmallPrint—an electronic music label, with a rambunctious twist.

Sharing their first real material on Soundcloud, the team quickly gained the momentum to put out their first volume of recordings—a 20-track offering composed by producers the trio met online, friends of the group, and fellow producers based in and around Brighton. Since then, various producers have distributed multiple EPs via the label, and subsequently, the group has had the creative opportunity to share more music by the day. Now they return with their stellar 3rd volume of recordings,

We’re told that the new volume continues to deliver on SmallPrint’s vision: to showcase a whole world of influences and artistic outlooks through experimental and nuance electronic music. In support of the release, the label has offered up Seanote & Ill Chill‘s “Super Food” cut.

Seanote is a producer from California. His style is jazz-influenced, mainly 140/dubstep based. He’s released two EPs with SmallPrint and has been on every compilation. Ill Chill is a rapper from California. His style is often darker/more experimental than usual hip-hop.

You can pick up SmallPrint Vol.3here.