Following the release of his debut LP, Foreign Parts, on his personal SW imprint (which is actually an Australian bootleg CD label from early ’90s) earlier this year, U.K. DJ-producer Seb Wildblood continues to push forward into the new year with promises of fresh, refined and exciting sounds. Since the formation of his South London party and music label Church back in 2012, the imprint has introduced us to artists such as FYI Chris, Rumah, Viers and, of course, Wildblood himself.

The artist’s release schedule in 2016 looks like one to watch, with a six-track limited run of cassettes scheduled for early February on his off-shoot SW catalog, closely followed by a new EP on Church. His “Crazy Eyes, Eric” track, which is being featured as today’s XLR8R download, is part of the cassette series coming out on February 12. Pulsating with a subterranean undercurrent, the track utilizes shivery soundscapes while being driven by shuffling percussion and a sobering bassline that keeps the track brisk and dynamic.

You can download the track “Crazy Eyes, Eric” in full below.Check out more from Seb Wildblood by visiting his SoundCloud page here.

Check out the Church BandCamp page here.

Crazy Eyes, Eric

Additional Download: Seb Wildblood – “Hide the Pictures”